Shape a Course for Fastnet

Attacks on Merchant Ships by U-boats during the Great War where the Survivors landed in Kerry and West Cork

Part One

Part One

1. Development of Germany’s U-boat War Against Commerce (Handelskrieg) 1914–1918

  • Initial Operations (Against Men-of-War)
  • Initial Operations (Against Merchant Shipping)
  • The First Major Offensive Against Merchant Shipping – February to September 1915
  • The Lusitania Incident
  • The Second Offensive Against Merchant Shipping – March to April 1916
  • The Third Offensive Against Merchant Shipping – October 1916 to the Start of Unrestricted U-boat Warfare in February 1917

2. America Enters the War

3. The Great Gamble Fails

4. U-boat Commanders and their Crews

5. Counting the Cost

Part Two – Section One

SS Fulgent
SV Superb
SV Cambuskenneth

SS Welbury
SS Marina
SS Storstad

SS Scalpa
SS Arlington Court
SS Seang Choon

SS Eugenia
SS Begum
SV Don

Part Two – Section Two

SS Svorono
SV Glenholm
SV L.C. Tower
SV Sardomene
SV Baltzer
SV Morna
SV François
SS Silvia
SV William T. Lewis
SS Frode
SS Cymbeline
SV Glimt
SS Teutonian
SV Willie
SV Ottomar
SV Bengairn
SS Cairngowan
SS Feliciana
SV Carmanian
SS Cymric
SS Rowanmore
SS Alexandrian
SS Manchester Inventor
SS Nailsea Court
SS Artist
SV Isle of Arran
SV Garnet Hill
SS Eavestone
SV Tamara
SV Belford
SS Floridian
SV Thor II
SS Ghazee

SS Warley Pickering
SS Wartenfels
SS Vedamore
SS Gravina
SS Saxonian
SS Mantola
SS Hopemoor
SS Dalbeattie
SS Iolo
SV Blenheim
SS Aries
SV Galgorm Castle
SS Tritonia
SS Kincardine
SS Caldergrove
SS Fenay Lodge
SS Ohio
SS Adalands
SV Vega
SV Spartan
SS Aracataca
SS Hainaut
SS Northwaite
SS Luciline
SS Paignton
SV Eugene Pergeline
SS Holgate
SS Domingo
SS Hundvaagø
SV Dunkerquoise
SV Marie Celine
SV Marion
SS Rosalind

SS Salmo
SS Queen Mary
SS Cairnhill
SS Sculptor
SS Howth Head
SS Torr Head
SV Skjold
SS Diadem
SS Dykland
SS Oswald
SV Clan Galbraith
SV Laura
SS Hesperides
SS Vauxhall
SS Rio Lages
SS Quantock
SV Beeswing
SV Dione
SV Vanduara
SV Lindisfarne
SS Misurata
SS Frederick Knight
SV Mezly
SS Adansi
SV Anna Alwine
SV Margareta
SS Belgian
SV Roma
SS Clan Murray
SS Cavina
SV Luisa
SS Manchester Miller
SS Jonathan Holt

SS Ikalis
SS Orator
SS Achilles
SS Sigrun
SS Polyxena
SV Widwud
SS Lizzie Westoll
SS Bengore Head
SS Phoebus
SV Asalia
SS Thirlby
SS Matador
SV Coral Leaf
SS Charilaos Tricoupis
SS Lamia L.
SS Tamele
SS Ribston
SS Haworth
SS Dafila
SS Ludgate
SS Belle of England
SS Eolo
SS Kathleen
SS Minnehaha
HMS Stonecrop
SS Etonian
SS Rathlin Head
SS Ausonia
SV Erme
SS Eupion